Sitting at the end of another day well spent, a beer in one hand and the time to take it all in.  Content with yourself as to where you are in life.  You know you’ve made sacrifices, put in hard work and it wasn’t always easy. There were many unforeseen events could have stopped or held you back.  

Leaning back in your favorite seat, taking a drink from your bottle, you feel proud that you could always cope with the unforeseen. Fulfilled too by the purpose you found in not resting on what you had done but that you always did more, always found ways to improve for yourself and for the people around you.


It isn’t a question of the type of life you want.  It has to be worked for all the same.

From no where things can come and take away the shine, the ease, the natural flow of living.  These things can make your days feel tougher, the world seem darker and your thoughts less clear.

Climb out of that thinking and create a mechanism within yourself to hold true.  Create for yourself the means to improve in all aspects of your life and find meaning in the purpose you give yourself.

Create a feedback loop of positive action and attitude

Take active engagement in actual improvement